Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The below information covers the terms and conditions of using the bestsouthafricacasinos.com website and any of its affiliated products or services. By utilizing our website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions set out below. In such case that you are not in agreement with our terms and conditions, you may not access or utilize the products and services offered on our website and therefore leave the page.


To comply with the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, it is important to note that this website is merely for the purpose of those living abroad or outside of South Africa, and not to share information about gambling organizations within South Africa. As a result, those who reside in South Africa must comply with these regulations and leave the page.

Eligible users

To be eligible to use this website and affiliated services, you must be over the legal age of 18 and not be present in South Africa. Best South Africa Casinos is entitled to block IP addresses or make use of either means to restrict access if you do not comply with these conditions.

User content

All information and data entered onto this website by the user is not considered property of Best South Africa Casinos. You are therefore entirely responsible for the accuracy and legalities involved with any data that you submit on our website. It must be noted that as a user, you provide us with the authority to access, store, copy, share, alter, display and publish any data or information that you submit.

All links to websites, services or apps are not considered to be affiliated, approved or sponsored by Best South Africa Casinos, unless stated otherwise. In saying that, there are affiliate links on our website and by redirecting to these links, you understand that this is done so at your own risk and that Best South Africa Casinos may earn a commission fee on this. Finally, we are not responsible for the information, products or services of any affiliated websites or apps.

Intellectual property rights

All images, trademarks and company logos on the Best South Africa Casinos website are reserved for Best South Africa Casinos or its licensors. As a user, you are restricted from using, sharing or reproducing any trademarks of either our affiliates or Best South Africa Casinos.

Limitation of liability

Best South Africa Casinos, its employees, affiliates, directors, licensors, suppliers and agents, are in no way responsible for any damages that any individual may experience. In addition, Best South Africa Casinos is not liable for any form of loss sustained by other websites or services.


These terms and conditions can be altered or modified through the authority of Best South Africa Casinos at any time and will be effective once an updated version has been published, By continuing to use this website after the time updated terms and conditions have been published, results in your agreement with the changes or modifications.

Accepting these terms

When accessing the Best South Africa Casinos website, you have read, acknowledged and agreed to the terms and conditions set out before you. If in such a case that you do not agree with the terms and conditions presented on this page, you will be restricted from gaining access or using this website.

Contact us

For all questions, inquiries or comments on our terms and conditions, please reach out to us either via the online form on our Contact Us page or via email at [email protected].

The terms and conditions of this website, Best South Africa Casinos, were last updated on the 16th of November 2022.

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