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Who is behind Best South Africa Casinos?

Of course you would love to know about the people who are actually behind Best South Africa Casinos. Our fantastic team consists of highly talented, experienced and well informed editors, reviewers and fact-checkers, who are constantly writing, appending and updating our online platform with the most accurate, up to date information. They deserve a shout-out along with the fantastic work that they create, so without drawing this out, meet our amazing team below!

Meet the team

Below you will find an overview of each of our valued team members that highlights their abilities, experience and expertise in the iGaming world. To view more information on each of our team members, please click the link below the respective profile.

Mark Smith

Mark is a highly talented computer programmer, IT specialist and ghostwriter. Mark spends most of his time writing articles on online casinos, poker and top poker players, however he also contributes significantly to the development work and QA side of things for the Best South Africa Casino platform.

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Kirst Van Zyl

Kim is our freelance writer and researcher who brings a vast amount of experience in iGaming, sports betting and cryptocurrency to our team – these things fascinate her, along with playing live casino games every now and then.

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Josh Nel

Josh is one of our top online casino reviewers, as a result of his passion and valued experience in slots, casinos and sportsbook platforms. He’ll be the first to test out a new iGaming brand!

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Amanda Mkhize

Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, with over a decade of working in the iGaming industry. Amanda focuses primarily on writing casino reviews, but also spends a lot of her time developing new player guides and strategies.

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Devi Pillay

Devi is well versed in the iGaming world, through which she uses her writing and editing skills to contribute to the success of Best South Africa Casinos. Her passion lies in writing about gambling strategies, bonus guidelines and most importantly, casino reviews. When she’s not working, you’ll find her watching the latest Netflix series!

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Jason Du Toit

When it comes to online casinos and iGaming, Jason is the ultimate expert! He uses his abundance of knowledge to create informative articles, reviews and blog posts. Jason makes the most of his spare time by playing the latest online casino games!

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Questions for the team?
The team would love to hear any questions or suggestions you may have relating to the platform. Please reach out to us here to get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Meet the Team FAQs

Where is the Best South Africa Casinos team based?

Because we strive to hire only the best writers, reviewers and fact-checkers, we make up a diverse team who are based all over the world, some in South Africa and others from other countries. This allows us to bring a holistic view to Best South Africa Casinos to ensure we accommodate all users.

Can I join the Best South Africa Casinos team?

Due to the increased interest in iGaming, we’re always on the lookout to hire the best iGaming experts all over the world. If you would like to join our fantastic team, please make sure to visit our Careers page to see our current vacancies. In saying that, if you believe you have a specific talent to offer that we haven’t advertised for, then please do send us an application and we would be more than willing to consider it. » Authors & editorial team
Last updated: 9. January 2023