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Best South Africa Casinos is an online platform created specifically for South Africans to get a better understanding of the online casino industry through the wide range of knowledge and resources we share. The main aim of our platform is to equip players with the necessary knowledge on online casinos before they venture to play the games of their choice. We successfully do this through supplying users with informative guides, reviewing casinos and explaining certain casino and gambling terms, such as bonuses, wagering requirements, payment options and support. If you think you could help contribute in taking our team to new levels as a global casino affiliate company, then you’re in the right place!

If you are particularly interested in the online gaming industry and have proven experience, we would welcome your application as a writer, editor, reviewer, designer or fact-checker. Best South Africa Casinos is a rewarding and collaborative workplace that places significant importance on creativity, drive and work-life balance. If you’re an avid journalist or casino and technology junkie, then we would love nothing more than to hear from you!

Best South Africa Casinos full-time job positions available

Senior Content Editor at Best South Africa Casinos (Full-time)

Requirements for a full-time job:

Freelance Writer at Best South Africa Casinos (Remote)

Freelance Videographer at Best South Africa Casinos (Remote)

Requirements for a freelance job:

Why join our team?


One of the parts that make up the online casino industry are affiliates, such as us. These are publishing companies who either own a website and evaluate and provide information on online casinos in the area, or others who take part in marketing activities with the operators. Affiliates essentially make their money through being paid commission by the operators in return for the amount of registrations they get through the affiliate link.


Operators are known as those who provide a platform to play casino games or to bet on sports, including things like slot machines, poker, bingo and live casino games. To make use of these offerings, user will need to register with the operator and make a deposit before being able to engage in the online games or bets.

Game providers

The games users play on the operator sites are not made or created by the operators themselves, but rather by game providers. These game providers therefore create games like slot machines and digital roulette, which are then licensed by the operators, who pay the game providers a fee every time the game is played by a user.

Payment Providers

When gambling online, making a payment is naturally part of the process. Users therefore deposit money to the operator via the payment provider who processes the transaction, such as a bank, e-wallet service or alternative financial service provider.


Regulators are gambling boards or authorities that supervise and control the online gaming industry. Operators get their licenses and right to provide games or sports betting facilities from these regulators. In addition to this, regulators are responsible for settling any player-operator contentions.

Did we get your interest?

Are you still intrigued by a potential career at Best South Africa Casinos? If you are, then please send through your application along with your CV and a cover letter on our Contact Us form.

Careers at Best South Africa Casinos FAQs

Do you work with freelancers based outside South Africa?

Absolutely! We’re constantly on the lookout for the most talented online casino writers, reviewers and fact-checkers, regardless of their location. In saying that, we prefer to hire native English speakers and South African citizens for jobs that require writing, due to the nuances of the English language in different regions. As a South African, there is a particular way of writing that identifies with other South Africans as opposed to other ways of writing English. For other roles that do not require writing, we are open to hiring across different regions, considering that the timezone you are in still coincides with similar working hours to South Africa.

What are the main benefits to working at Best South Africa Casinos?

The main benefits of working with Best South Africa Casinos are listed above, but in short we believe that our non-hierarchical structure, driven mentality and team spirit is what really sets us apart from the rest. Not to forget some top benefits such as significant paid time off, paid public holidays off, flexible working hours and on-the-job training.

Do you have part-time roles as well as full-time?

From time to time, we do consider hiring people for part time roles, depending on what roles we are hiring for at that specific time. To make sure you don’t miss out on potential part-time opportunities, ensure to regularly keep an eye on this page. As we have mentioned, our company is growing at a fast pace so you will find that more job opportunities will pop up over time. Take a look at our vacancies at the top of this page for more information about each of the jobs.

Can I send a speculative application to Best South Africa Casinos?

Of course! We are always open to receiving speculative applications, regardless of whether we’re hiring for a specific role or not. We would love to consider your application and evaluate whether we or not we could use your unique skills in the company. To send a speculative application, please submit your CV, cover letter, portfolio of experience and reasoning for applying and why you think your skills are needed in the company. We look forward to hearing from you - best of luck! » Careers
Last updated: 9. January 2023