Advertising Disclosure


Due to our transparent nature as a business, we would like to share our advertising disclosure with you, that is ultimately intended to provide you with an overview of our advertisement policies and information on how we generate revenue on our platform. By reading this page, we hope that you get a clear idea of how we operate, advertise and generate revenue.

Best South Africa Casinos does engage in advertising operations, however we uphold a firm and direct partition between our advertising and editorial information. Because we value your user experience, we specifically feature our advertising in a way that does not interfere with your browsing, through intentional and discreet placement and by only agreeing to a limited amount of ads per page.

How we make money

In order for us to continue to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information on online casinos and the iGaming industry, we rely on associating with advertisers and partners who aim to reach more users. These affiliations often take a multitude of forms, which we explain further below. It is significantly important to note that our affiliation to these partners, advertisers or sponsors in no way affects the information we provide on our website for our users. This is because we remain an unbiased, honest source of information and uphold the aim of keeping our users entertained and informed through this platform. After all, without all our incredible users, we would not have a business.

As mentioned, it is of utmost importance to us to be fully independent and impartial when sharing information, specifically when it comes to our reviews, recommendations and articles. With that being said, you can read more about the partnerships we do engage in below:

Upon visiting our website or reading any article, you will often see a list of various online casinos, most of which we have an affiliate agreement with. What this means is that everytime you as a user clicks on the link to the online casino/affiliate, we get paid a commission fee. In saying that, these affiliate agreements vary and often have different terms and conditions, however at the end of the day, we as Best South Africa Casinos do earn a fee from clicking on the links.

Comparison lists displaying partners

In almost all our articles, you will find a comparison list/table that demonstrates a variety of available online casinos. Most of the time we list the providers according to the relevance of the users search query (for example, if a user searches “PayPal casino”, we will only list the casinos relevant to the search, in this case, casinos that offer PayPal.), however in some cases this order may differ due to the agreements we have in place with partners. It is important to note that this will not result in any negatively reviewed casinos being displayed, but rather feature the best paying, most relevant partner to your search query higher up on the list. Finally, the order of these lists is not selected by editors.

Here is an example below:


Example of comparison lists displaying partners

When displaying partners, the partner listed higher up the list or as 1 for example, is essentially placed higher because they pay our company more. Therefore, when a user searches for a list of casinos, the most relevant and highest paying partner will feature at the top of the list.

Position sales on the website

Users may notice a “sponsored” tag on some of the partners in the list. This is because we also sell certain placements or positions to partners. In this case, we earn a commission fee whether or not the user clicks on the partner.

Conclusion of disclosure

The point we have conveyed to you throughout this Advertising Disclosure is that we generate revenue on this website through earning commission from certain partners. The intent of this is to keep the website running and to provide our users with independent, free, relevant and accurate content without affecting our editorial standards in any way.

Advertising disclosure FAQs

How does the site make money?

When a user clicks on one of the affiliate links on our website, we earn a small commission. It is important to note that this is not at the cost of the player. These fees ultimately assist us in reinvesting, maintaining the website and paying our staff.

Do you earn money from comparison lists?

Yes, we earn commission from affiliate links in our comparison links. This commission fee is dependent on how high up the list the partner wants to be featured. To read more about this, please visit the ‘Comparison Lists Displaying Partners’ section in this article.

Are your casino comparisons 100% unbiased?

Yes. All our affiliate links with partners allow us to make money to maintain the website, however in saying that, these partners do not have any effect on the content that we produce on them. We therefore provide transparent, independent and impartial information to our users for them to make an informed decision of where to play online. » Advertising Disclosure
Last updated: 9. January 2023