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As Best South Africa Casinos, we display multiple online casinos and sports betting partners on our website. If you’re an online casino operator or sports betting company that services the South African market, then please get in touch with us. We would love to feature you on our website amongst some of the most elite online casino operators and sports betting companies. Want to know why you should consider partnering with us and what steps to follow if you’re interested? Then keep reading!

Why partner with Best South Africa Casinos?

Partnering with Best South Africa Casinos allows your business to get more reach. We do this by featuring you on our top casino lists in South Africa, and when South African users search for online casinos or sports betting sites our website generates a list of operators with links to their sites. We primarily focus on reviewing online casinos and other sports betting companies. If you’re on the lookout for increased targeted traffic, then look no further and partner with us. Upon partnering with us and users using the links to redirect to your website to play their desired games, we charge you a small commission fee.

What we can do for your brand

Upon partnering with Best South Africa Casinos your company will reap several benefits, including an influx of well-targeted traffic through the accurate and cohesive reviews we provide. Most of our work involves creating unique, informative and relevant reviews on online casinos, in which we include information on welcome packages, bonuses, payment methods, customer support options and game selections per casino.

In addition to the benefit of the user seeing this information as an overview when reading the review of your online casino, we also display toplists that show top casino bonuses. We ensure that these are displayed on all our main web pages throughout our platform. Therefore, if you choose to partner with us your brand will be showcased on our toplists, which has the potential to bring a higher amount of traffic to your site. It is important to note that when a user clicks on one of the affiliate links, it is redirected straight to your registration page, therefore making it seamless for them to quickly sign up and make their deposit. Because our users are already interested in your offering, it is far more likely that they will become customers, compared to creating endless ads with Google in the hopes of high conversions.

Finally, in addition to the main affiliate link to your registration page, we will add further links on other pages that will redirect to your site, optimizing the SEO of your website. We like to believe that this partnership will generate revenue and success for both your website and ours.

How to get listed at Best South Africa Casinos

Should you wish to partner with us, please continue reading the seamless and simple process below. Prior to explaining the process, we would like to share a few important requirements in order to list as an affiliate.

Requirements for getting listed

Upon partnering with us, we would require the following information from you:

As Best South Africa Casinos we take great pride in being an independent and unbiased source of information on the South African gambling industry for our users. As a result, we cannot be influenced by our partners and affiliates on how we evaluate and review online casinos and sports betting sites. In cases where you do find that we have made a factual error, please do bring it to our attention, however it is important to note that our opinions remain impartial and unbiased above all else.

We only list licensed gambling sites

It is extremely important to us that we refer our users and readers to only credible gambling sites. We therefore uphold the requirement of all gambling sites that we affiliate ourselves with to be licensed. This is required upon signing up as a partner, but will also be reviewed throughout our partnership. In such a case that your license has expired or been voided, we reserve the right to remove you from our platform and potentially blacklist you.

How to partner with us

To partner with us, please reach out to us via the details below and one of our partnership managers will get back to you shortly. The setup process is pretty quick and won’t take long once we’ve received initial contact from you and received all necessary information.

How to get in touch with us

To become a partner, please forward your inquiry to [email protected] or reach out to us on our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Partners of Best South Africa Casinos FAQs

What are the main benefits of partnering with Best South Africa Casinos?

The main benefits of choosing to partner with Best South Africa Casinos include increased traffic, engagement and exposure to your platform. As mentioned previously, individuals who use our site are already interested in gambling, and are therefore more likely to convert as customers as opposed to using Google ads or something alike. The links to your site from our website all contain the benefits of your online casino and how users can claim their bonus. When users see this, they will be more inclined to sign up and claim their bonus, making it a win for everyone involved!

What are your requirements for partners?

To become a partner, we require you to have a valid gambling license that allows you to operate in South Africa. Once that is confirmed, we then need all relevant information and images, so that we are fully equipped to feature you in the best possible way on our platform. If for whatever reason your information or images change, please do notify us and we’ll update the necessary areas on our platform. For any other questions related to requirements, please reach out to our partnership team - they would be happy to assist!

Can I change your review of my online casino?

This is dependent on how exactly you wish to change the review of your online casino on our site. If the information we have featured is in any way incorrect, then please do notify us so that we can amend it. However, in cases where you would like the casino to be reflected in a different way (ie: a certain opinion), then we unfortunately will not change the review due to our core values that aim to provide our users with honest, impartial information that is in no way influenced by our partners.

Why do you only feature licensed casinos?

We only feature licensed casinos because we then know that the casino in question has already been verified, met specific requirements and upholds a certain standard, which in turn gives users both the safety and security they need to play online. There are so many scams online, so this is one of our ways of eliminating spam and only focusing on credible, valid online casinos to ultimately create a positive user experience. » For Partners
Last updated: 9. January 2023